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Gold investment
Why gold is valuable: gold is a precious metal; it is a good thing not to rust; gold can make beautiful jewelry. I will tell you why gold is valuable mainly because it is rare.
Compared with other metals, the total storage of gold on the earth is very small. For example, iron and aluminum are the most abundant metals on the earth, so these two things are not worth money. Silicon is the most abundant element on the earth, so sand (mainly composed of silicon oxide) is the least valuable.
Why is gold valuable? Because gold is money.
The money we use now is a kind of credit currency, which depends on whether the issuing office has the ability to issue. Only the central bank is qualified to issue currency. The Central Bank of China is the people's Bank of China. Go to see the money in your hand, and each one has its stamp.
Let's put it this way, the ancient Chinese "silver note" is actually a kind of credit currency, which means the same as the money we use now. Have you ever seen the Qiao family's courtyard? Why do so many people suddenly come to cash the money with the silver note when the Qiao family's opponents say that they have no money? Because if the Qiao family really has no money, they will not be able to carry so much paper It's worth a penny. That is to say, as much credit money as you issue, you have to store an equal amount of gold reserves. Every year, the country will announce how much gold it has stored, because this is the basis of how much the currency of the country is worth. For example, the money in your hand is like a certificate of ownership, proving that you have the same amount of gold. When we buy and sell, what we are really trading is gold.
The first is storage. Gold doesn't run like cattle or sheep, and it doesn't corrode like shell money knife. How can it be tossed and tossed? It's still gold and diamonds are gone as soon as they are burned.
The second is to carry it. Have you ever played it in the stone age? The money in it is all stones. You can pick it up in the game, but it's very inconvenient in reality. Gold carrying, look at the ancient chapter to know, we all have some in our arms.
Then there is recognition. Gold and brass can be easily distinguished. The first action many people take when they take gold is biting. Then there is a big difference in density and color.
Finally, segmentation, real gold is not afraid of fire, gold can be dissolved into heavy, light, large and small amount of various applications.
At present, gold is an irreplaceable currency. Can money be worthless? Why is gold valuable? The money in your hand just represents gold. In other words, gold is money.
Gold, golden temptation. Chinese people have always had the tradition of "storing gold for the people" because of its safety and value. Nowadays, due to its functions of value preservation, constant value and risk avoidance, gold has become an excellent investment and financial management tool.

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