How do investors grasp the short time in gold trading?

Gold trading

Spot gold is a two-way transaction. At the same time, it can be short or more. So when is the most suitable time to place a gold short order? Short order trading refers to buying down gold. If gold really goes down in the future, it will be profitable. How to grasp the opportunity of gold short?

1. When important data is bad

There are many fundamental news affecting the price of gold, such as the U.S. economy, the trend of the U.S. dollar, geopolitics and so on. When these news show that it is not conducive to gold, the price of gold will fall under pressure. This is one of the opportunities for gold to short. The common bad news about gold include: the strengthening of the US dollar, the steady development of the US economy, the stability of the global political situation, the increase of gold supply and demand, and the decline of crudeoil price.

2. When there is a bad signal in the form of technical indicators

As a tool for investors to analyze the trend of gold price, technical indicators have a high accuracy in studying and judging the trend of gold price. When the technical indicators show obvious negative signals against gold, the gold price will generally fall. The common bad gold signals of technical indicators are: Ma appears short position arrangement or price pressure; boll opening downward; KD or KDJ appears dead fork; KD or MACD appears top deviation, etc. Once the negative signal of technical indicators is obvious, it is the time for investors to short.

3. When the rebound is over

The end of the market rebound is also a good time for investors to short. When the gold price runs to a certain low, the price generally rebounds, and generally rebounds to a certain height, it will fall under pressure, which will make the gold price rebound. The pressure points generally include the moving average, brin on the track, the resistance line above the consolidation market, and the high price in the near future.

4. When the support line is broken

When the gold price breaks the lower support, there will be a significant decline in the market generally, and if the breakthrough is a strong support, the profit will be relatively large. Generally can be used as the support below: moving average; boll track, track; consolidation of the market below the support line; the golden section line; the recent low price and so on.

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