What are the varieties of spot gold trading?

Gold trading

AU9999 (100g per hand for 1kg standard gold ingot with fineness of 99.99%);

Au9995 (3 kg standard gold ingot with 99.95% fineness, 1000 g per hand);

Au50 (50g standard gold bar with 99.99% fineness, 50g per hand);

Pt9995 (1000 grams per hand for 1, 3, 4, 5 kg Standard Platinum ingots with 99.95% fineness).

All the above varieties are traded in full amount (102% of the capital of standard platinum is frozen when trading because of its value, and the surplus money will be returned after the second liquidation), that is, the buyer must deposit the full amount of the trading capital into the designated account of the exchange before trading. The seller must deposit all the physical objects of the transaction in the Treasury designated by the exchange before the transaction.

Implement T + 0 trading mode and secondary fund clearing mode (the so-called secondary clearing means that the first clearing freezes the funds and transaction fees in real time during the transaction, and the second clearing means that the buyer and the seller settle the excess and short weight (no quality in the exchange) and the transportation insurance premium again after the closing of the market. After these two clearing, the money and goods can be really cleared.

If the buyer wants to pick up the spot, he can pick up the goods in the Treasury of nearly 50 banks designated by the exchange (platinum can only be picked up in Shanghai and Shenzhen), and the weight of the goods must be an integral multiple of the standard weight of each standard gold ingot (bar).

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