How to operate gold investment? What are the operation skills?

Gold investment

1、 Learn to build positions, cut positions and make profits

Opening means "setting up a position.". Opening a position, also known as exposure, is an act of buying gold. Choosing the right level of gold price and the right time to establish a position is the premise of profitability. If the entry time is better, the profit opportunity is larger; on the contrary, if the entry time is not right, the loss is easy to occur.

Position chopping is a stop loss measure taken to prevent excessive losses when gold prices suddenly fall after positions are established. For example, gold was sold at 157 yuan, then dropped to 150 yuan, with a nominal loss of 7 yuan. In order to prevent the continued decline of gold price from causing more losses, we sold gold at 150 prices and closed the exposure with a loss of 7 yuan. Sometimes traders do not admit the loss, but insist on waiting, hoping that the price of gold will return to the past, so that when the price of gold blindly falls, it will suffer huge losses.

The time to make a profit is more difficult to grasp. When the position of gold is determined, the price of gold will develop in the direction beneficial to itself. A draw is a profit. For example, when the price of 145 yuan gold rose to 150 yuan, there was already a profit of 5 yuan, so we sold the gold and made money. The key is to grasp the opportunity to make profit, make it earlier than profit, later than profit. If the opportunity is delayed, the trend of gold price may be reversed.

2、 Buy high, not low

The trading of gold price is the same as the trading of stocks. It's better to buy up than to buy down, because there is only a little wrong buying in the process of price rising, that is, when the price rises, the gold price seems to rise from the roof to the roof and never rise again? In addition, any point of buying is the right thing to do. When gold falls, only a little bit is right. That is to say, gold has fallen to the lowest point, just like falling to the ground and can't go any lower. In addition, other points are wrong.

Because when the price goes up, there is only a little wrong buy, and when the price goes down, there is only a little right buy, so when the price goes up, there is a greater chance of profit than when the price goes down.

3、 The addition of "pyramid"

The meaning of "pyramid" overweight is: after buying gold for the first time, the price of gold rises, and it is right to invest. If we want to overweight and increase investment, we should follow the principle of "the quantity of each overweight is less than that of the last". Just like the "pyramid", one by one, the number of purchases will be less and less. Because the higher the price, the more likely it is to approach the highest point of the rise, the more dangerous it is.

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