What is the difference between gold market and stock market?

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What is the relationship between gold market and stock market

If China's stock market goes up and the common people have more money, they will only buy more gold and will not depress the gold price. If the country wants to boost consumption, it is the easiest way to push the stock market up. Therefore, the relationship between the stock market and the gold market is worth noting.

There is a close relationship between the gold market and the stock market, but the specific logical relationship between them seems unclear. Because when the stock market (mainly the U.S. stock market) rises sharply, investors will withdraw money from the gold market and invest in the stock market, which will depress the gold price. Therefore, it seems that the relationship between the two is in reverse correlation. But this is not absolute. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, gold rose along with the US stock market. Therefore, both of them can change in the same direction or reverse direction, and there is no invariable relationship.

However, the problem now is that the U.S. stock market has reached an all-time high and stayed for a long time. What will happen if the US dollar really starts to strengthen after the Federal Reserve cancels monetary easing policy and gradually raises interest rates? At this time, the US stock market will surely go down sharply, and the so-called capital flow back to the United States is just the wish of some people. What is the purpose of these funds flowing back? Can't they speculate in stocks or commodities, just to increase interest on treasury bonds?

On the other hand, China's stock market has reached a low point. The price of many A-share blue chips is much lower than that of the H-share of the same company in Hong Kong, which has reached the point where it can not be dropped. So if there are too many bubbles in China's real estate market and the possibility of a sharp fall in house prices, then China's stock market will fall only a few small cap stocks which are high, which has little impact on the stock market and has little impact on the overall situation of the country. Even if China's real estate prices fall, how much money can the United States have? Will Chinese people sell their houses and exchange their money for dollars to invest in the United States? That's impossible. Once the state deregulates funds, China's stock market may rise several times. At that time, capital will not flow to the United States, but from the United States to China.

So what's the relationship between the gold market and China's stock market? I think if China's stock market goes up and people have more money, they will only buy more gold and will not depress the gold price. If the country wants to boost consumption, it is the easiest way to push the stock market up.

U.S. stocks up - which can be said to represent an improvement in the U.S. economy and a decline in U.S. stocks - recession.

In the global currency, the US dollar is a safe haven currency. When it is in recession, the indexes such as stocks that can reflect the economic situation of the country will fall. People are worried that such a recession will involve the global economy. For the sake of risk aversion, people change their money into US dollars to avoid risks. Therefore, when stocks fall, the US dollar is supported. On the contrary, when stocks rise, it indicates that the U.S. economy is improving. As the so-called "one leaf knows the autumn", the economic improvement of the powerful countries may lead to the improvement of the global economy. At this time, people exchange the US dollar into other high interest currencies to invest in carry trade, so a large number of US dollars are sold off, which makes the decline of US dollar support Africa and the United States.

If we interpret it in theory, it is that under certain circumstances, gold and the stock market rise and fall at the same time, but there are many factors affecting gold, which can not be explained by one stock market, which is a bit biased! Talk about China's stock market. The continuous decline of China's current stock market is mainly determined by China's financial system. The stock market has become a special money making circle for some people With the rapid development of information, Chinese people have begun to keep a clear understanding of the stock market, so the trading volume of the stock market is very cold! At present, the real estate that can be invested is also regulated. In this era of inflation in which the RMB is over 30 trillion, Chinese people need a place to go and a pool for investment. At this time, many gold speculators in China came into being, In addition, the flexible trading system of gold can be said to be very popular! In summary, China's stock market has become colder and colder, while the gold market is becoming more and more popular. The main reason for the boom of China's gold market is that all the money that should have invested in the stock market has flowed to the gold market! If anyone has a careful observation, it will be found that almost every wave of gold rise appears in the Asian plate, that is, once the trend is established, the Chinese people will It's going to be crazy. However, in the early morning of New York, when the trend inflection point of the band appeared in the tail water plate of New York, the price of the Asian plate also fell the most fiercely the next day, which is the following trend of China's investment.

What are the differences between gold market and stock market

There are always insider information in the stock market, because every stock will have a banker, and it is possible to manipulate its trend secretly; at the same time, there are many kinds of stocks, and the trend school should take into account many charts; the trend of the stock market will be more affected by insider information.

The news and facts of the gold market will be released to the public, because the factors affecting the trend of gold are international events, and investors will receive useful information at the first time. For the trend group, the chart of gold is simpler and easier to take care of than stocks.

Stock trading time is only a few hours a day, for ordinary investors, trading hours often conflict with their own working hours; to buy stocks by position, they need to bear interest expenses, and sell stocks to bear the loss of dividends

Gold investment 24 hours a day trading time, investors can carry out trading operations in the evening, avoiding the conflict with working hours; gold TD exchange requires lower interest, margin investment, greatly reduces the investor's capital Asian exchange rate, reduces the investment cost.

When investing in the stock market, customers can only be bullish, and once the stock falls, they will have some losses. However, gold trading is a two-way transaction, which can buy up or down. Comparatively speaking, gold investors are in a relatively favorable position. As long as they have a correct view of the market, they can make money by trading.

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