What are the trading methods of gold spot? What principles should we adhere to?

Gold trading

We may not know how to go tomorrow's market, let alone how to go a week's market, but almost everyone of us can see how the market will go in the next few minutes! That's enough to make us make a lot of money! Even if you are very average, it's not difficult to become a short-term expert! "

We should stick to the following principles when making the dish:

1、 Initiative principle

Use their own "initiative" to enter and control the risk of Futures Trading (profit and loss) under their own eyes, and realize the futures profit and loss from "has the final say".

2、 Differentiation principle

The time of profit, loss and position should be "micro differentiated" (especially loss), controlled within a few yuan of the price difference. The longest holding time is only a few minutes; the shortest is only 2 or 3 seconds. Decisive in and out, never for any reason long delay holding loss list. For example, when the price of wheat rises from 1730 to 1731, it only jumps one price (that is, the price of wheat rises by 1 yuan, which is equivalent to the price of the stock rises by 1 cent). If the price exceeds the transaction fee of wheat, you have to prepare to close the position.

3、 Principle of independence

The profit and loss of the previous transaction has nothing to do with the next one. You can't affect the next transaction because of the profit and loss of the last transaction or the price of import and export.

4、 The principle of objectivity

Do the day short-term, the most intolerable is: the mind in advance on the "subjective" to identify the day market is up or down. Subjectively believing that we can only be long or short today is a wrong thinking that short-term speculators must not have.

The correct way is to ignore all these factors, no matter what the fundamentals, news, main force, price, whether the order is a profit or a loss, or whether the technical indicators deviate from each other. You can only wholeheartedly and objectively "closely follow" the price fluctuation at that time.

5、 Principle of equal profit and loss

"Equal profit and loss" means that because short-term speculators are "differential transactions", the amount of profit and loss of each transaction is roughly equal. The reason why speculators can make money is to win by "probability". Assuming that every profit is as much as every loss, and that there are 100 transactions on that day, 70 of which are earned and 30 of which are lost, then this day is earned. Speculators only calculate the profit and loss of the general ledger every day. Of course, you'd better control the loss of each transaction within the profit of the previous transaction. In other words, if you made 20 yuan in your last transaction, the maximum loss of your transaction can only be 20 yuan. Before you lose 20 yuan, you should stop losing in advance.

6、 Stop trading principle

Or maybe at the beginning of the day, your trading is very difficult, always losing, even a few are losing. Then when you lose to a preset number, you are determined to close the position, shut down and leave, and immediately stop any trading on that day. This principle can help you never lose money in a single day.

7、 Principle of no increase in position and no increase in quantity in case of loss

When many people hold the loss order, they do not take the principle of "active" exit immediately, but use funds to "carry it to death" and constantly increase their weight. It's the stupidest thing to do. These are the people who make big losses or storm their positions.

8、 Principle of single quantity relative stability

No matter how much money you have, just do a fixed number of hands. Don't do more because the trade is smooth and the situation is good, and less because the situation is bad.

9、 The principle of no position overnight

No matter when, under what circumstances, and whether profit or loss, you have to "close all positions" before the close of every day, no matter how much you earn or lose. In this way, you can avoid all the big risks of futures overnight, and easily take the initiative to win or lose in your own hands.

10、 First time principle

Only enter the market at the first time when the price changes. If you don't have the right rhythm, don't chase after the first time. Wait patiently for the second turning point.

11、 258 rule

When the single digit price is 2, 5 and 8, the ten digit price is 2, 5 and 8, and the hundred digit price is 2, 5 and 8, we focus on the dividing point of long and short. The specific use of 258 rule is: first, forecast the target price of rising or falling. Second, determine the specific buy sell or stop loss point.

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