What conditions does gold TD need to open an account? Is the threshold of gold TD high?

Gold account

Gold TD is based on physical gold business, using leverage effect to provide margin to establish a two-way trading mechanism of long and short. What about the threshold of gold TD account opening?

The threshold of gold TD account opening is 100000, and the amount of capital is the guarantee of risk coefficient. In gold TD trading, the greater the amount of capital, the higher the risk rate, which is conducive to protecting the capital security of investors in the trading. On the contrary, if the amount of funds is small and stretched, it is easy to cause compulsory position closing when encountering the opposite market.

Compared with other investment methods of gold and silver, gold TD has greater advantages to attract investors.

The first is flexible trading time, which is more suitable for investors who work during the day. Compared with other investment methods, gold T + D has the night trading time from 21:00 to 02:30 from Monday to Thursday. Due to the time difference, the important economic events on the other side of the ocean that affect the trend of international gold price often occur in this period. Because gold T + D mode is real-time trading, in the night trading time, it can avoid the sharp change of night external market for the first time, resulting in adverse impact on domestic market Investors' trading is more flexible than gold and silver futures.

The second is that gold T + D adopts margin mode and uses leverage principle to invest less capital and lower investment threshold. Compared with physical gold, silver bars and paper gold, gold T + d only needs 15% of the capital as a margin to trade. In the physical gold and silver or paper gold transaction, if the investor takes 100000 yuan to invest, 100000 yuan will buy the equivalent gold bar or paper gold in full. If the margin ratio is 15%, investors in T + D mode only need to put out 15000 yuan to buy 100000 yuan of gold and silver assets. The lower the margin ratio is, the more obvious the leverage amplification effect is, and the higher the corresponding income and risk are.

Third, unlike futures, there is no delivery time limit. In the gold T + D business, investors can decide how long their positions are. They don't have to deliver no matter how much the price is after maturity like futures. While reducing the operating costs of investors, they can also apply for delivery every trading day with free delivery time. When the investment is unfavorable, it will be sold, and when it is favorable, it can hold positions without limit.

Another is the diversification of trading, gold T + D has a short mechanism. The short mechanism of gold T + D is that once the market reverses after the entry of multiple orders, the multiple orders can be flattened and the backhand short can be made. In this way, not only the loss money can be made up, but also there can be a surplus. Compared with the passive waiting of stocks, investors will be more active.

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