Novice fried gold lock single how to do?

Fried gold

For novices, they are not familiar with the operation of the gold market and often like to lock orders. How to deal with the locked order of gold speculation? The problem that novices often encounter in gold speculation is locked order, and more and more investors are also facing this problem. So what should we do with locked order?

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of lock orders: Lock loss order and lock gain order. In fact, it is generally not recommended that you operate the lock order. You can set up a stop loss strictly or take profits in time. It is said that the lock order is easy to solve, difficult to solve, and difficult to reach the sky! It can be seen that the difficulty and trouble degree of solving the lock order. If the operation is improper, the small loss is likely to become a big loss. Let's talk about lock loss and lock gain respectively.

1、 Lock loss

1. Generally, the order will be locked under the following circumstances: one is that the market becomes unclear after placing an order, and you can choose to lock the order when you can't judge the direction; the other is that you don't set a stop loss, and you can't bear to close the position when your account has a large loss, so you can choose to lock the loss operation in order to prevent greater loss or burst. After order locking, there is often a very important operation that will be forgotten, that is, it is best to add stop loss to the order in the opposite direction of analysis, which can be set slightly higher by 2-3 points, in order to prevent excessive fluctuation before the real market goes out and be swept back and forth.

2. Order release means that you should choose the right time to release the lock after the order is locked. That is to say, you should close the two orders separately. If you don't close the position forever, although the loss shown on the account remains unchanged, in addition to bearing the interest of the overnight order, your subsequent operations will also be affected. Spot gold lock single settlement need to pay attention to: that is, the solution point and time. It's better to find a break position at one point. Time must be when the market direction is clear.

2、 Suoying

Strictly speaking, lock profit is not much different from lock loss. The only difference is that when the account is locked, one is a loss and the other is a profit. The suggestion is that it's better to lock profit than to take profit or follow up the mobile stop loss in time, because it's better to place an order after the market is clear.

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