How to make trend list in spot gold?

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In the spot gold investment, how to make a trend sheet? I believe that as long as the friends who enter the market have this feeling, the veteran always emphasizes to follow the trend, but how to grasp this trend? How to make a trend sheet?

First, before placing an order, you should be clear about the purpose of placing an order, why you want to place the order, what is the fundamental support for the expected direction, and whether there is any strong data support recently.

Second, it depends on whether the price of gold is appropriate. Everyone will have his own Hamlet in his heart, and there will be countless resistances and supports in his heart. But the key nodes in the medium and long term are very limited. There are several methods to determine the key price

(1) Stage inflection point in early stage;

(2) Daily and weekly trend lines and intensive transaction areas;

(3) The golden section of a monthly chart. Around these prices, one more condition is met.

Third, we should also look at the status of technical indicators. I usually start with the four hour MACD index. If the price reaches the key position and there is deviation in the four hour graph, the trial operation can be carried out. The radical can test the position at the first deviation, and the steady friend can wait for two or three deviations. Of course, if the market reverses after a deviation, it is helpless to seize the opportunity.

Fourth, we should be decisive and indecisive. When the market reaches a better point, it will not give people more time to think and there will be further changes. Therefore, when it reaches the key point, it is necessary to decide whether to move or not in a very short time.

Fifth, stop loss should be set and strictly implemented. In case of wrong direction judgment, we should limit the loss to a very small range. When the direction judgment is correct, we need to protect the profits we have gained. This proportion can be determined according to our own evaluation. Individuals usually keep about two-thirds of the profits, and leave one-third for maneuver. In special cases, we should deal with them according to the market conditions.

All in all, the most important thing for gold speculation to make a trend list is to find the fundamentals that support the operation of the general direction as the basis, while the technical side is to find a more reasonable entry point. As long as the combination of the two, the odds are high.

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