When is the best time to build a position for gold speculation?

Fried gold

Gold speculation is an investment behavior. In the process of gold speculation, gold market is very important for investors to make profits. Generally speaking, the gold market is mainly divided into clear and uncertain, and the operation can be done or not. Only when the trend of gold is relatively clear, can we be more confident that we can make profits. We must not force our way into the market when it is not clear.

Two points need to be made clear in building a position. The first point is to make clear whether the trend is up or down, so as to determine whether to be long or short; the second point is to grasp the point and opportunity. Each gold investor has a different style of trading, some are good at ultra short term, some are good at band, some are good at trend, investors can choose their own way to build positions according to their own personality characteristics and time and energy.

1. Make a list according to the position

Break stop, in the upward trend, waiting for the gold price to return to the important support level to buy, effective break stop. In the short term, you can close your position on the track of the rising channel (but it is easy not to open a new position); in the downward trend, you can wait for the price to rebound to an important pressure level to short, and effectively break the position to stop loss. Similarly, buy and close positions at the lower track of the downward channel (never open a new position to rebound).

2. Breaking the position

When the price breaks an important pressure level, buy with the trend and break back to stop loss. When the price falls below an important support level, it will sell short and break back to stop loss.

3. An important reversal point can be used as a counter market order

When the large wave shape, proportion and period run to a certain reversal point at the same time, the counter market order can be made, and it must be a light position. The stop loss can be enlarged, but it can not be without a stop loss.

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