What are the risks of delayed gold trading? How to avoid it?

Gold trading

How to avoid the risk in the delayed trading of gold? Gold prices are constantly reaching new heights, and domestic commercial banks have timely launched the agency business of delayed trading of gold. Then, how to avoid the risk in the delayed trading of gold?

How to avoid the risk of delayed gold trading? Gold trading period is the same as foreign exchange, from 8:00 a.m. Beijing time on Monday to 4:00 a.m. Beijing time on Saturday. Its price fluctuates continuously, which is the global market. Therefore, when the domestic market is closed, the international market price may fluctuate greatly, increasing the position risk. Especially the "overnight position" on Friday, because there is no night trading on the Shanghai Gold Exchange on Friday, the position risk is greater.

In order to avoid possible risks, investors need to pay attention to the following matters:

One is to be familiar with the trading rules and create profits from comparison. At present, there are more and more commercial banks acting as agents of Shanghai gold exchange, and investors can choose to open accounts. Of course, no matter which institution you choose, you need investors to carefully read the trading rules. If you don't understand the terms, you can consult and communicate with customer service or network personnel. Do not enter the trading without being fully familiar with the rules.

Second, do a good job in fund management and time management. Don't invest with all the funds. Under the condition that the total amount of investment is fixed, the less the funds used to open a position, the stronger the ability to resist risks.

Third, try not to leave Friday "overnight position", reduce open position, control uncertainty. At present, the Shanghai gold exchange does not provide Friday night market trading, so the positions that have not been closed after 15:30 on Friday are generally called "Friday overnight positions". Until the opening of next week, the positions held can not be closed. This kind of position has higher risk, because if the market fluctuates greatly on Friday night, it will have a greater impact on the profit and loss. For example, the U.S. non farm employment data is generally released on Friday night, Beijing time, the first week of the next month. If the market fluctuates sharply that night, domestic investors are unable to trade. Accordingly, the long holidays of national day and Spring Festival should be closed for a long time, so we should try our best to reduce our positions.

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