How should novice investors choose the right gold investment platform?

Precious metal investment

Because there are too many kinds of gold speculation scams and many investors are cheated, how can we choose a formal platform to avoid being cheated?

First, whether the platform is formal.

The selection criteria for this item is to see whether the company is a member of the Hong Kong gold and silver exchange, and also a member of the Shanghai gold exchange. Whether it is a foreign agency platform or a regulatory platform of Hong Kong gold and silver trading market, only with a formal license can we do precious metal trading. Therefore, when choosing a company's platform, we must first check the qualification of the precious metal company, and do not trust other people's words.

Second, whether the trading software is stable.

Investors do not rashly open an account into the gold, formal companies have free software to download, virtual account can experience the operation. You can see the performance of the trading software from the virtual account, such as setting stop loss and profit, hanging order trading, etc., to see whether there is sliding point card.

Third, capital security is the key to the success of investment.

After many illegal platforms use high returns to attract investors, freezing funds for various reasons will cause you great losses. The capital flow between regular precious metal trading platform and customers is corresponding to corporate account, not private account.

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