What are the characteristics of brin line? How to use brin line to find stop loss in gold speculation?

Fried gold

Among many technical analysis indexes of gold trading, boll index is a special one. The vast majority of technical analysis indicators are constructed by quantitative methods. Boll index itself does not rely on trend analysis and form analysis, while boll is closely related to the form and trend of price. How to determine the stop loss point when losing money in trading? How to use brin line index to analyze the best stop loss point?

Cloth belt opening and stop loss skills:

The opening of brindle index indicates the rapid development of the market, which indicates that the market is about to go out of a big wave. Investors will keep an eye on brindle index and enter the market after confirmation. Because the stop loss is too large to meet the profit loss ratio, it is difficult to decide whether to chase more or less.

For example, the price of gold goes down rapidly, the opening of brin line on the hour chart goes down, but when it comes into short market after the close, under normal circumstances, it needs a stop loss of more than US $10.

However, after understanding the opening principle of brin line, we only need to set it slightly above the middle rail, because once the gold price breaks through the middle rail, we can confirm that the big opening is false, and the earlier we come out, the better.

In fact, there is a better way to judge the direction of true and false openings, through the larger period of brin line. If you cut to the 5-minute chart and use the 240 phase brining line at the same time, you can observe the opening more clearly. The same opening is more obvious on the 5-minute chart. The stop loss can be set lower, and the radical can even set a little above the 240 brin line. If the price returns to the inside of brin line, it means that the opening is over for the time being, and profit closing can be considered.

Brindle closing and stop loss techniques

When the brin line index enters the closing stage, the previous market trend will come to an end temporarily, and the market will enter a reversal stage or a temporary correction. If you have a compound position, it is suggested to level off half of the position. If the market breaks through the medium track again, it is better to close all positions.

Brin line into the closing stage, the gold market will generally fall into shock finishing, market volatility is not big, mainly short-term interval operation, stop loss set in the visible highest and lowest point above and below. The closing stage is a good opportunity for high throwing and low suction operation.

Brin belt three tracks in the same direction and stop loss technique

If the middle rail can be an effective support resistance after closing, the three rails will be in the same direction. Three tracks in the same direction is a very strong and stable market performance, but also the most test of investor patience. Holding the profitable position firmly, the medium rail has become a good position adding point, and also a reference point for profit to raise stop loss, until it falls below the brin line medium rail.

Brin's balance and stop loss technique

When the market fell into shock finishing, especially the narrow shock finishing, brin line went flat. Go flat is the most beautiful but the most difficult to grasp the price of brin line, because facing the risk of brin line opening at any time. It's better to stay still and wait and see. However, if this situation occurs in the morning, you can do some scalp scraping operation, and the stop loss setting is relatively loose. The normal operation should patiently wait for the opening direction of brin line.

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