What are the skills of fried gold? These experiences can be learned

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Gold order release is to close out a group of locked orders separately. Compared with gold order release, many people don't know how to unlock the locked orders after observing the point and time of gold order release. In fact, gold order release is a kind of risk prevention method that other people use only when they have to, in addition to gold speculators. Its purpose is to maintain the safety If the profit amount remains unchanged or the loss value is avoided to expand, and the lock list of gold is not solved properly, it is very likely to turn the profit list into a loss or make the loss bigger.

In fact, gold's order solving skills are closely related to the individual's ability to feel the market. Generally speaking, people who know how to set gold stops rarely lock the gold order. For the gold order locking decisions we make under the uncertain market, it is a good time to wait for the unilateral rise or fall of the market to determine the day of order solving. In other words, if you want to learn how to solve the problem of gold, you should first learn how to judge the time when the gold market is coming.

1. Taking Beijing time as an example, the price fluctuation of the international gold market in this stage is relatively severe before and after the opening of the European market in the afternoon and the opening of the New York market in the evening. At this time, we can not miss the moment to grasp the fluctuation of the gold price in the precious metal trading platform in front of the computer. We take the fundamentals, that is, the specific events that promote the rise and fall of the gold price every day, as the main reference, and take the technology as the reference The line segment and index form demonstrate our views on the future of gold price, such as intra day fundamental preference, so the K-line combination in the gold K-line chart and the shape trend of related indicators are also upward. After we have a clear view of the big market, we can close out one of the orders whose Trading direction is opposite to the big market trend, and then keep the other one for profit Generally speaking, the more rapid a big market comes, the shorter its time cycle.

2. What if we can't catch up with the big market? We can also pay attention to the gold short jump market at any time. Generally, after the gold price experiences a big market, it will enter a short jump state, and the gold price will immediately reverse from the original trend. At this time, we should have an accurate judgment on the next trend of the gold price, which is a test for investors to grasp the strength of the future trend If it is filled, we will remove the list with the same trading direction as the gold price at the time of short jump and hold another list for profit; if we judge that the gold short jump period is longer, we will remove the list with the opposite trading direction as the gold price at the time of short jump.

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