Novice: how to speculate in gold futures?

gold futures

When your trading system has already taken shape, the next jobs you can do are:

1. Looking for business opportunities

According to your own trading software to find trading opportunities, trading opportunities are definitely not carried out in the market, but before or after the market. What you do in the market is to carry out the actual operation according to the system software and scheme. It's not the right way to seize the opportunity in the market. It's very easy to buy immediately in the market and blindly follow the trend of stop profit and stop loss. That's the actual situation The result of the operation should therefore end with an unsuccessful result.

2. Waiting for business opportunities

Many times, people find opportunities, but they don't start right away. Many speculators lose money when they see the market correctly. That is to say, they don't understand waiting, they are not careful and they don't pay attention to the market. Trading opportunities are based on your prior trading plan, waiting for your entry data signal, looking for an important position, such as support and resistance. If you are close to resistance or support, you can only improve the profit opportunities by using the contingency plan you prepared in advance.

3. Looking for approach data signal

Every speculator often has his own different data signals, but very few of them can follow the discipline of the trading organization. Generally, when entering the market, they don't enter according to their own data signals, especially when they don't understand the waiting for trading opportunities, so they are restless. When the data signal comes into play, it's like a tiger and a lion pouncing on the prey. When your prey releases the pressure, you suddenly pounce on the past and get the prey. It's very important to be able to see your own data signal.

4. Profit exit or stop loss exit

If the market is in accordance with their own estimates of the direction of development trend, your account will continue to float surplus, at this time can slowly shift stop profit stop loss, stop loss in time, save that profit is the development of the hard truth. When you are doing a big wave or a big market, then stop loss doesn't have to be too close, or you will be kicked out. If the market fluctuation is relatively large, there are strong fluctuations in the situation, the market does not follow its own estimated direction of development trend, you are eliminated by stop loss, you will carefully wait for the new data signal.

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