Novice how to see the stock K-line chart?

When we buy stocks, we should first learn to look at the market. If we don't look at the market, buying stocks will bear greater risks, especially for those who have just entered the stock market, it is particularly important to learn to look at the stock chart. So how do novices look at the K-line chart of stocks? The following editor will introduce some skills for us to look at the stock chart. Let's have a look.

Several ways to know when looking at the K-line chart of stocks:

1. Draw the T-line

This is an important part of understanding the K-line chart of stocks. If we can accurately draw the position of the T-line on the K-line chart, we can quickly find the entry point of analyzing the K-line chart. Generally speaking, the T line is a horizontal line, which represents the long-term consolidation of the stock price, but cannot pass the highest closing price. If a stock wants to have a larger market, it must first break through the T line.

2. Find up and UV

Up and UV mark the official launch of the stock price, which is also an indispensable part of the stock K-line chart. As we all know, after the long-term decline of the stock price, whether it can turn into horizontal consolidation depends on the intervention of funds. The longer the time of horizontal shock, the more chips the makers have to build positions, and the closer it is to start the stock price.

If we want to get these chips out, we must let the stock price fall, create a false impression that the original information is not correct, and give people the illusion that the dealer is ready to abandon the villa and run away. Therefore, there will be a "price pit" on the price curve, also known as up, and a "volume pit" on the volume histogram, also known as UV.

3. OK buying point

It refers to the price at which stocks are bought at the moment when a Changyang line crosses the T line. It can prevent premature buying of stocks and participate in long-term consolidation. It can also cut in time before the stock price has risen sharply.

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