How to use MACD for technical analysis

1. If there are shrinking volume, narrow price, light price, strong index in the K-line chart, and there are similar situations in the weekly line, it is expected to become a black horse.

2. Average volume from the bottom up breakthrough market; moving average stand firm 10 times moving average buy.

3. The stock price continuously deviates from the moving average, and it is better to throw out the stock in addition to the moving average.

4. Trading volume showed a wave rise, but the entity of each positive line is not large and the shadow line is long. Be careful to pull up the shipment.

5. Stock consolidation in the low and even a cross star shrinkage, indicating that the market may rise; otherwise, in the high market bearish.

6. K-line continuous decline, the volume of continuous amplification, when there is a long-term rise in price, the increase in volume is greater than the outer plate, the same plate is also similar, when timely follow-up is expected to rise.

7. MACD zero axis breakthrough is optimistic about flying away from the red column when the short is close to the red column and upward is optimistic about DIF and MACD golden fork when it is optimistic about dif flat disk and upward is optimistic about; boll line narrow flat disk suddenly opens and upward is optimistic about hitting the track to return to the gear and touching the lower track, there is a rebound, and the rising trend of medium track breakthrough is strong.

8. RSI should sell at 80:00 on the 14th and buy below 20:00; KDJ golden fork looks up and dead fork looks down and short; obv flat 30 times and suddenly breaks up and looks up and looks long before; ASI high before breaking is true and vice versa.

9. When KD is below 20, the first golden fork is not in a hurry to purchase, and the second golden fork can be timely purchased; when KD is above 80, the first dead fork is not in a hurry to throw out, and the second golden fork can be resolute to leave; when w% R index can not reach the top continuously or high consolidation, w% R index can reach the top continuously for more than 4 times, it will be thrown out.

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