What are the types of fried gold sliding point? How to deal with sliding point?

Although spot gold has 100 times leverage, it also has corresponding risks. In the process of gold investment and trading, the gold price will fluctuate against the trend, and investors will have losses. Although investors can reduce certain losses by setting stop loss, when the gold price goes against the trend and jumps short, the stop loss of the trading platform will be in vain, and investors will have huge losses. So what are the main types of gold speculation slide points, and how should gold investors deal with the slide points?

1、 What is sliding point?

Sliding point is that the trading platform does not trade according to the price set by investors. This setting price may be the price of hanging orders, the price of real-time transactions, and of course, the price of stop loss and profit. Sliding point may occur in the ordinary market, but more often in the jump or short jump.

2、 Main types of sliding point

1. Slip point

Fried gold sliding point and hanging slip sliding point. Investors can't look at the market for a long time, and they are worried about missing the opportunity, so they will choose to trade by hanging orders. Under normal circumstances, the trading platform trades in strict accordance with the price set by the investors. Some black hearted platforms operate the price manually, resulting in the price of hanging orders always buying at a higher price and selling at a lower price. Because it occurs in the process of hanging up, it is called hanging up sliding point.

2. Stop loss stop profit slip point

Stop loss and profit stop sliding point refers to the phenomenon that investors set stop loss and profit stop before trading, and the final transaction price deviates from the entrusted price, resulting in the decrease of investors' profits or the expansion of losses. The market did not jump short, the normal market with stop loss stop profit, even the market price platform also rarely slip point. Therefore, using the market price platform as an excuse to respond to the sliding point phenomenon of gold speculation at this time is obviously a malicious sliding point of gold speculation. Stop loss and profit stop sliding points are also common in gold speculation.

3、 How do gold investors deal with sliding points?

In the general market, the regular platform often trades strictly according to the price set by investors. If in the general market, the trading platform sliding point to implement the price of investors, is not a formal security platform, will be in the heart of a big question mark. In the general market, how to deal with the slip point of the trading platform? Investors can choose to change platforms.

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