How to choose currency in foreign exchange transaction

Foreign exchange transactions
If you want to trade in foreign exchange, you need to have an account first, so you have to open an account. After you choose the platform and open an account, how to choose the currency is a big problem. How do people who have just touched the foreign exchange market choose the currency to trade?

Foreign exchange novices have little experience in opening accounts. Therefore, for trading currencies, you can't buy and sell those currencies that shake a lot every day, or those currencies that have no regularity. You will not only lose money, but also impact your self-confidence. There are costs in buying and selling other foreign exchange margin, that is, the spread when you buy and sell. Different foreign exchange money and bank to bank spreads are different Well, although there is no short-term impact, the long-term effect will also reduce your surplus to a certain extent. Therefore, at the beginning of trading, you should try to choose the money and silver that the shopping mall compares with simple trading, and the best choice is to buy and sell direct currency. Of course, it depends on the foreign exchange trading platform. Unlike other financial shopping malls, the foreign exchange platform has no center to buy securities and products In this huge shopping mall, the sales office will not change due to the change of itself or a company, and it is more difficult to affect the development trend of the shopping mall.
All currency transactions are in pairs, such as the pound and the dollar, which can not be said to exist alone. Therefore, investors who open new foreign exchange accounts should pay attention to it seriously. The choice of currency is related to their own interests. If you choose it, there is no rule to say that it changes a lot every day, which is the biggest disadvantage for a new person, a high price Hands are not necessarily profitable, let alone new people.
Therefore, foreign exchange novices must be cautious in choosing the trading currency, and finding the right currency for trading is the key to careful operation.


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