What are the K-line signals of stock selling? 12 K-line signals of common stocks selling

What are the K-line signals of stock sales? Let's have a look.

1. Crosshairs

In the high price circle appeared cross line (opening closing equivalent line), and left the upper and lower shadow line, among which the upper shadow line is longer. This situation means that the stock price has risen quite high after a period of time. If you want to recover, you will start to go down. This is an obvious sell signal.

2. Covering line

After rising for several days in a row, the market opened at a high price the next day, and then the buyers were unwilling to catch up with the market. The general situation continued to slide, and the closing price fell to the positive line of the previous day. This is the overbought after the formation of selling pressure, profit taking a large number of sell out, will fall.

3. Breeding line (the male line shrinks within the longer male line)

After several consecutive days of ascension, there is a small positive line the next day, and it is completely gestated in the big positive line of the day before yesterday, which indicates that the rise is weak and is the precursor of a sharp fall.

4. Breeding line (the Yin line shrinks within the longer male line)

After several days of soaring, the opening and closing prices of the day are fully bred in the big positive line of the previous day, and there is a negative line, which also represents the insufficient strength of the rise and is the precursor of the decline. If the next day to pull out a shadow line, more can be judged as a sign of market slump.

5. Hanging line

In the high-end opening, the previous buying for profit taking and killing, so that the general trend fell, low-grade met with a strong undertaking, prices rose again, forming a shadow line more than three times the real line. This figure seems to be buying stronger, but should be careful to prevent the main force to pull up the shipment, empty hands should not be rashly involved, the position should be sold when high.

6. Jump into the sky

The so-called jump means that the two Yin and Yang lines do not touch each other, and there is a space between them. After three consecutive short jump positive lines appear, the selling pressure will appear. After the second one appears, the general investors should make profits and take profits first, so as to avoid being held back.

7. Final containment line

When the market continues to rise for several days, a negative line appears, and the next day it opens low and goes high, pulling out a big positive line, which completely covers the negative line of the previous day. This phenomenon seems to strengthen the buying. However, as long as the closing price of the next day's market is lower than the closing price of the big positive line, investors should definitely short. If the next day's market is higher than the closing price of the big positive line, it is also likely to become a "covering the Yin line", investors should be cautious.

8. Breeding cross

That is to say, today's cross line is completely included in the big Yang line of the previous day. This state represents that the buying power is weakened, the market is about to soften into buying, and the price falls.

9. Counterattack along the line

The term "along the line" here refers to the two Yin lines that appear from the top to the bottom. In order to crack down on a large root line that appears on the two lines, it seems that the buying power has been strengthened, but investors must be aware that this is just a "blind eye line". The main force is pulling up the shipment and is also a rare escape line for investors.

10. End line

Once this figure appears in the rising market, it means that the rising strength will be insufficient, and the market will be put back for consolidation. Investors should take profits first. This is also a "barrier line", the small line did not exceed the highest point of the previous day, which proved that the rise was weak and the market fell.

11. Cross line in the sky

When the price jumps and rises, three big positive lines are pulled out, and then a cross line appears, which means that the increase is too large, and the buyers are not willing to catch up with the high price, and the market price will plummet.

12. Shezi line

Market jump up to form a cross line, but the next day jump out of a negative line, suggesting that the market is about to plummet. At this time, the price increase has been quite large, unable to go up again, so as to jump short. As a selling signal, in this case, the volume value will often decrease.

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