Three mountain deviation

According to the current information and information collected on the Internet, it comes from the article "classic form of technical analysis: three mountain deviation (three Valley deviation)" by the famous financial blogger and gold analysis researcher.

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Three mountain deviation is a form of technical analysis. Three mountain deviation is also called three peak deviation. We all know that two points determine a line, so if there are two distinct peaks, we can draw a trend line. If it is a strong market, then the third high point of the price, that is, the wave peak, will fall on this trend line. If the price rises to a new high and does not fall on the trend line determined by two points, then it is considered that the rise is blocked and the upward momentum is insufficient. In other words, the so-called "three mountain deviation" means that two peaks fall on the same line, two points determine a trend line, and then the third high point should also fall on this line in theory. Once the third high point does not fall on this line, it will be lack of upward momentum, resulting in the so-called bull market trap. If it appears on the hour line, the next day will not be a new high. If it appears on the daily line, it is likely that there will be a wave of high falling prices.


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