Reasons for choosing foreign exchange investment

Foreign exchange investment/

1, 24 hours trading, 24 hours a day, from Sunday night to Friday night (UK time). 24-hour trading means that there is no trading gap, and foreign exchange investment can adjust the political, economic, technological and basic elements in time without waiting for the market to open. The stock market can only trade at certain times of the day, usually from 9336930 a.m. to 33369000 p.m., which is not suitable for office employees.
2. There are various investment types with high precision. Foreign exchange investment is generally divided into currency investment, commodity investment and index contract price difference investment. There are many kinds of investment, but investors have lower cost and higher concentration than stock market analysis.
3. Not affected by the economic crisis, in the global financial crisis, the stock market fell, real estate transactions were frozen, and the retail industry may suffer heavy losses or bankruptcy. In contrast, despite the worst economic conditions, foreign exchange is still favorable. Because money always trades in pairs. When one currency falls, the other currency is always dead, regardless of market conditions.
4. Leveraged trading, foreign exchange is margin trading (Leveraged trading) products. As the initial guarantee of the transaction, you only need to pay a small part of the contract value. This means that investment gains and losses are higher than traditional cash transactions.

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