Why can't speculation in foreign exchange make money?

Speculation in foreign exchange/

Foreign exchange believes that profits are simple, trading is convenient, and the market is open. It guides more and more dealers to invest. If you want to get a share from foreign exchange, you have to take out gold when profits are high. In the process of going out, many traders are experiencing the problem of gold failure. What will happen?

First of all, we need to find out whether the gold information is filled in wrong. This is a low-level mistake, which many people will make. In general, if the remittance is made by credit card, the withdrawal will also lead to the situation that the credit card, the investor's remittance card, the withdrawal card should be used, and if the bank's audit information is wrong, the payment can not be made.

Then, it determines whether its own withdrawal time is correct, the banking system is delayed, and affected by the global market, the foreign exchange platform stipulates the withdrawal time. Usually, the visiting time is a working day. In addition to the prescribed time, you can't pay for two days on weekends, and you can't rest on some rest days or anniversaries. The user's funds are entrusted to the third-party bank, and many investors can also use the bank channel to pay for gold. Therefore, if the bank's security system is upgraded or the business is adjusted during holidays, the gold may be delayed and temporarily released.

If the user has participated in the discount activities of some gifts on the platform, or the task has not been completed, but has begun to withdraw gold, or the user has paid too few gold bars, or has not reached the minimum gold threshold of the platform, whether it has reached the currency limit specified by the platform can also be prohibited.

Therefore, investors should not be too nervous when they can't give out gold. First, they should find out the reason why they can't give out gold, and then deal with it. However, in addition to being unable to pay money on the black platform, the platform where investors can open an account is also very important. Therefore, this is a strictly screened and reliable platform, which can pay money safely under normal circumstances.

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