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Foreign exchange investment/

First of all, newcomers who want to get started must understand the basic knowledge of the foreign exchange market. What is the foreign exchange market?

At present, the foreign exchange market in which investors live was born in 1971, which is the product of the disintegration of the Bretton Woods system (the Bretton Woods system is a gold exchange standard based on the US dollar and gold. In fact, it is only the establishment of an international monetary system with the US dollar as the center, which basically includes the pegging of the US dollar and gold, and the currencies of the member countries of the international monetary fund maintain a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar 。 It is only about 40 years since the implementation of the fixed exchange rate system. However, it has attracted governments, central banks, financial institutions and individual investors to invest and trade again. With an average daily trading volume of 5 trillion US dollars, it occupies a large share in the global financial investment market.

Let's learn something about the foreign exchange investment market. As a novice, we must learn something about it.

1. Necessary basic knowledge

Of course, we can't just rely on luck to make foreign exchange investment. We need to have some basic knowledge as a reserve. Some basic knowledge about foreign exchange has been briefly introduced in the above, and more relevant knowledge can be gradually supplemented and optimized in the future.

2. Choose a secure trading platform

It is necessary to choose a secure trading platform, especially a regulated trading platform. Regulatory agencies usually formulate corresponding rules to restrict brokers' behavior to varying degrees, while trying to protect the interests of customers.

3. Learn to control risk

In the process of foreign exchange investment, we may encounter market fluctuation risk, emergency risk, leverage risk and other risks. Traders should pay attention to risk control when trading. It is suggested that novice investors can first operate simulated trading for a period of time, so that they can have a deep understanding of the original product, analyze the causes of profit and the operation methods of personal profit, and then make a firm offer after they are ready.

4. Good attitude

A good attitude is good for trading. Generally speaking, having an in-depth study of the market and making sure not to act in greed and fear will help investors build a good attitude.

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