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All foreign exchange investment platforms in British shopping malls are regulated by FCA. FCA aims to protect customers and ensure the integrity of the operation of shopping malls. Together with FCA, it has declared that it will severely punish companies that violate the regulatory rules. FCA is a consistent regulatory arrangement for financial shopping malls in the UK. It directly serves as the financial department of the UK. Its main purpose is to supervise the financial service profession and maintain an efficient, orderly and clean financial shopping mall.

The primary function of the federal Futures Association (NFA) is to protect the interests of its customers. NFA

It is the self-discipline arrangement of the futures profession, and the primary working capital comes from the membership dues. The foreign exchange margin profession belongs to CFTC and NFA, and the supervision is in accordance with the supervision provisions of futures profession.

In addition to supervising financial arrangements and companies, ASIC also handles the procedures related to the company's bankruptcy, operation and closure. There are two ways to protect the investors: the arrangement of all financial products, the first requirement is to request the license (AFS). In addition, foreign exchange education, including the arrangement of online training, must bear certification or license plate.

SFC is similar to FSA in nature, but its responsibilities are relatively detailed, and foreign exchange margin affairs are clearly included in the standard scale.

FSA for short. The establishment of the financial services agency is not only to ensure the stability of Japan's financial system, but also to safeguard the interests of depositors, policy holders, securities and other investors, as well as to promote the transformation of financial convenience.

FINMA for short. It is an independent arrangement with an independent legal person and its headquarters is located in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. It directly works for the Swiss Parliament and is independent of the central federal government and the Federal Ministry of Finance in terms of arrangement, function and finance. Have you commented on this? Talk away

The National Futures Association (NFA) of the United States is a professional self-discipline arrangement for futures formed in 1976 in accordance with section 17 of the product trading act of the United States. It is a non-profit membership arrangement and a non-commercial independent supervision arrangement for futures and foreign exchange investment in the United States.

FCA is the central regulatory arrangement for the financial investment services profession in the UK. It is responsible for the supervision of banks, security and Investment Affairs. FCA is now the financial regulatory arrangement with the most perfect regulation and the strongest law enforcement ability in the world. It has become a model of financial regulatory arrangement learning in various countries, and its authority has been highly recognized by investors.

Australia's financial sector regulatory arrangement is the Australian Securities and funding Commission. The first license plate is the license plate of financial service provider. The licensees are able to conduct business and trade through their own accounts. The capital requirement is a $1.1 million, and the annual fee ranges from a $3500 to a $50000, depending on the volume of business.

There are three types of license plates in Cyprus: businessmen who do not hold customers' funds, businessmen who hold customers' funds and market makers.

The average time to request a license plate is 5-6 months. Recently, the SFC of Cyprus announced to speed up the approval process, and the approval will be completed within 2 months. The cost requirements of various license plates are different. The business operators who do not hold customers' funds are 80000 euro, the business operators who hold customers' funds are 200000 euro, and the market makers are 1 million euro. The annual fee ranges from 3500 to 75000 euros.

Since August 16, 2010, fspr began to accept the request of financial enterprises. Since December 1, 2010, almost all New Zealand financial service enterprises need to register with fspr to provide corresponding financial services.

The financial services authority of Mauritius (FSC) was established in 2001 to provide regulatory arrangements for non bank financial services professions in Mauritius. The scope of the FSC's functions and powers includes supervision and inspection of securities, safe and other financial service companies, promotion of fair and powerful non bank financial arrangements and transparency of capital markets, and further guarantee for investors.

Hong Kong's financial regulatory arrangement is the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. There are three types of license plates: one (securities trading), two (futures contract trading) and three (foreign exchange leverage trading). The third type of license plate is most popular for foreign exchange suppliers.

In terms of regulated shopping malls, other trading systems and investors' arranged performance of investors' trading, the EU has established comprehensive regulatory guidelines. One of the rules is that as long as the investment company obtains the license plate from a member state of the European Union, it has the freedom to provide investment services and activities in the whole European Union in accordance with the MiFID directive (commonly known as license plate authority), and can carry out business in any region of the European Union.

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