How to open a foreign exchange account

Foreign exchange account opening/

Basic knowledge of foreign exchange account opening

1. How to choose a service platform?

First, it is necessary to select a reliable and regulated service platform, which is the basic premise of property safety
China Securities Regulatory Commission in the United States, financial industry regulatory agency in the United States, NFA regulation, ASIC regulation in Canada
Second, integrate their own habits and preferences, select the right service platform. You can apply for a simulated account.
2. What's the gold standard?

The minimum amount of money required by foreign exchange dealers is generally about 250-500 US dollars. However, in terms of the capital allocation of foreign exchange margin project investment, 500 US dollars is certainly insufficient. Generally speaking, to be a mini hand (10000 enterprises), the assets should be at least about $1000, and the position should be in the middle of 1-2 Mini hands as far as possible. If the assets are less than US $10000, then the risk is very large. Although many dealers show high leverage, which can greatly improve the operation ability of investors, the risk of damage can also be avoided. Therefore, controlling the position and ensuring a good distribution of funds are the key to ensure the survival and profitability of investors.
3. What materials do banks need to open accounts?

My basic information materials, an ID card (optional: ID card, driver's license, passport visa, etc.), an address Certificate (optional: household register, bank statement, water and electricity engineering bill, fixed line payment bill, broadband payment bill, overdraft card bank statement, etc.) and a savings card, e-mail, contact information, etc.
4. Do banks have to remit assets overseas to open accounts?

Yes, reliable overseas dealers all require investors to remit assets to the custody bank of the dealer immediately.
5. How to remit money and how much does it cost?

General dealers are suitable for online payment, online bank purchase of foreign exchange money and bank wire transfer.
The above is about how to open a foreign exchange account? Foreign exchange account basic knowledge content, I hope to help you.

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