Foreign exchange K-line chart analysis knowledge what is foreign exchange K-line technical analysis

Analysis of K-line Technology/

The composition of a K-line generally includes four elements: opening price, closing price, highest transaction price and lowest price. These four elements are also the most important data information for investors to distinguish project investment. K line chart analysis method: price drawing. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of the K-line of the drawing day, it is also called candle chart because of its unique way of marking. If the closing price is higher than the opening price of the new house, then the K line is called the Dayang line, expressed with a hollow entity. On the contrary, it is called Da Yin line, which is expressed by gray black entity or milky white entity. K line is widely used in foreign exchange market.

Foreign exchange K-line chart analysis knowledge what is foreign exchange K-line technical analysisFrom the K-line chart, we can see the opening and closing prices of the stock market, as well as the maximum and minimum prices, which is the basic way to distinguish the market price situation. The K-line chart is divided into entity and shadow line. According to the status of entity and shadow line, investors can roughly distinguish the trend of sales market. The length and hue of the entities mean the relativity of each other and the energy of the game. If the entity is long, it means that buyers and sellers compete fiercely. The string on the left and right of the entity is the shadow line, which expresses the fluctuation of price. The upper shadow line shows the maximum price, and the lower shadow line shows the minimum price. The use of the K-line, in general, foreign exchange K-line entity and shadow line strength more than 25 points up, can be regarded as a reasonable K-line, that kind of business can also have use value.

If investors want to learn and train to speculate in foreign exchange, the first step is to understand the K-line chart of foreign exchange. All project investments are not blindly following the trend. There are certain data and information to be found. Many people lose money and many make money. Apart from a small amount of fortune, the most important thing is to understand the basic knowledge of foreign exchange speculation and make in-depth analysis.

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