How much is gold in foreign exchange? How much is foreign exchange?

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The trading volume of foreign exchange transactions is measured by hand. We often hear how many hands have been traded and how many hands have been closed in foreign exchange transactions. The hand here is the trading volume. At present, foreign exchange, crude oil and gold are the three giants in the field of investment and financial management. Investors can trade in foreign exchange, crude oil and gold on the platform of foreign exchange brokers. Investors in these transactions usually use their hands as the unit of measurement. So, how much is the gold of foreign exchange crude oil? Foreign exchange trading platform can carry out gold trading at the same time. Foreign exchange gold trading belongs to the type of international spot trading, and also adopts the form of high leverage margin trading. So, how much is the gold in foreign exchange?

Xiaobian wants to say that it depends on the leverage of your platform. Now the default is 100. So, 1 standard hand is 1000 US dollars

Foreign exchange gold is also traded on MT4, so it usually adopts the concept of hand. Because it also belongs to margin trading in the form of leverage, when trading foreign exchange gold, there are also margin and spread. Margin is the fee to be paid when building a position, which will be returned after closing. The spread is the fee charged by the foreign exchange platform, which is equivalent to the handling fee. The foreign exchange platform will not refund it.

The margin of foreign exchange gold is usually about $7, that is to say, when investors trade foreign exchange gold, they need $7 margin. The margin required to trade first-hand gold is $700. Of course, the margin will be returned to our account after closing.

The spread of foreign exchange first-hand gold is usually around 4, that is to say, the spread required for foreign exchange first-hand gold trading is 0.4 US dollars, and the spread required for investors to trade standard first-hand gold is 400 US dollars.

How much is the cost and handling charge of foreign exchange transaction?

The cost and handling charge of foreign exchange transaction mainly include two aspects, one is the margin to be paid in foreign exchange transaction, the other is the spread of foreign exchange transaction.

Foreign exchange margin is a certain amount of guarantee that investors need to pay when they build their positions. Foreign exchange margin, as the cost to be paid when building a position in foreign exchange transaction, will be returned to you when closing the position, so strictly speaking, it is not a cost. But when building a position, if you don't have this margin, you can't build a position.

Also take the above example. For the US and Japan, the required margin is $250 under 400 times leverage, and $1000 under 100 times leverage.

The handling charge of foreign exchange transaction is the spread, which refers to the difference between the buying price and the selling price. The spread is the main cost that investors need to pay for the transaction and will not be refunded.

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