What is the service charge of foreign exchange platform?

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Recently a friend asked: formal foreign exchange platform into the gold need fees? What Xiaobian wants to say is: need, but not much, generally less than one thousandth, depends on the way you use? And which bank to choose. The handling charge in foreign exchange transaction is generally referred to as spread by people in the industry. Different platforms have different point difference standards, generally ranging from 3% to 5% of the investment. In addition to the spread, a few platforms will also charge extra commission, so for foreign exchange investors, finding a trading platform with a lower spread can often maximize the income.

It is worth noting that a few platforms may implement a sliding point policy, that is, the spread is floating. This kind of platform must be carefully selected.

Investors in the use of foreign exchange platform for trading is not free, after all, foreign exchange platform is to profit. What is the service charge of foreign exchange platform? Now let's introduce the handling charge of foreign exchange platform. Recommendation: how much is the bank's general handling charge for foreign exchange? How does the bank charge for foreign exchange trading

What is the service charge of foreign exchange platform? The handling charge of foreign exchange transaction is what we usually call the spread. Investors may not have heard of the handling charge, but they must have heard of the spread. In fact, in foreign exchange transactions, the spread is the handling charge.

The foreign exchange spread is the difference between the buying price and the selling price in foreign exchange trading. We have a buying price and a selling price when we trade, as shown in the figure below. When we are long, our buying price is calculated according to the second price, that is, the selling price and the buying price. At this time, the exchange rate is still on the first price, that is, the buying price. The gap between the prices is the point difference.

What is the spread of foreign exchange platform? There are mainly two types of foreign exchange platforms. One is the gambling platform, which is conducted by investors and platforms. The other is no trader platform, where customers' orders are transacted in the bank. The spread of foreign exchange gambling platforms is relatively low, usually around 1.5, because the profits of such platforms mainly come from the losses of investors. The spread of non trader platform is about 2.5, and the profit of this kind of platform comes from the spread, so the spread is slightly higher.

The amount of handling charge of foreign exchange platform still depends on the point difference under the current situation. When making the order, investors had better calculate the current point difference of exchange rate by themselves.

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