Don't do these evils of speculation in foreign exchange to make money!

Speculation in foreign exchange/

Three disadvantages that must be prevented in speculation of foreign exchange to make money! One of the necessary conditions for speculation in foreign exchange to make money is to learn how to deal with risks. When we speculate in foreign exchange, we need to use stop loss order. At this time, we are prone to make some mistakes.

1、 When you believe in your own judgment too much, or think you have a lot of money, but don't stop to speculate in foreign exchange, a relatively big fluctuation in the exchange rate market is around 1000 points. The US dollar against the Japanese yen has experienced a ten-year fluctuation of nearly 20000 points from 264 to 79, and the intermediate time is only 20 years. What if history repeats itself? If we meet this situation, we will lose 18.5 million yen with 50 times leverage. Who can bear such a loss? When speculating in foreign exchange, there is no need to set a stop loss. We need not say that we will take risks sooner or later.

2、 There is a stop in the heart, but there is no stop on the plate

Some Huimin will worry about unnecessary stop loss when they invest. This kind of person hesitates when the fluctuation of the foreign exchange market approaches his stop loss, does not admit the mistake of his trading strategy, lowers his stop loss again and again, and is forced to close out when there is no way out. At this time, I found that I had lost a lot.

3、 Set an amount as a stop

To set a stop point in foreign exchange speculation is a touchstone to distinguish an ordinary foreign exchange investor from a capital trading consultant. Their own professional trading consultants, they will analyze the stop loss position according to the analysis of various technical aspects and the application of skills, and set the best stop loss point, which will possibly reduce their own losses. Ordinary Huimin, often set a stop loss amount at will, often appear just set a stop loss, move forward in the predetermined direction, resulting in unnecessary risk.

First, we can't speculate in foreign exchange indiscriminately and trade frequently. Our purpose of speculating in foreign exchange is to make money. Disorderly and frequent trading will only make us lose money.

Second, speculation in foreign exchange must have a psychological price. As long as we have our own psychological price, we can know everything.

Third, we must not set up stop loss. We must avoid reaching the stop loss point, hesitation and unwillingness to leave.

Fourth, we should not lock the order when we are trading in foreign exchange. Locking the order will not do us any good, it will only increase our handling charges. If you make a mistake, you should close the position and start all over again.

Fifth, before buying foreign exchange, we should accurately grasp the dynamic information of the market, understand the news of the two aspects, and pay more attention to some technical analysis. After entering the market, we should pay more attention to the market and close the position immediately in case of negative news.

Sixth, you should not easily trust those so-called experts when you are speculating in foreign exchange. You should cultivate your own idea of independent thinking, and be careful to make a list. Experts will not be responsible for your losses.

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