When is the most profitable time for foreign exchange speculation?

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When will speculation in foreign exchange make money? It is not very difficult to make money by speculating in foreign exchange, but we need to treat every order carefully. Usually at the beginningIntroduction to foreign exchangeMany people are struggling with when to build a position in the foreign exchange market, but after a period of operation in the foreign exchange market, they will find that when to appear is the most important thing.

Now we will briefly introduce the single method of judging the exit point, for reference only.

First, play according to the original plan. When we do a foreign exchange transaction, we usually make a specific trading plan. In this plan, we have our own predicted entry price, stop loss price and exit price. When we enter the market, we usually mark the target price on the trading list. In the future, when the price goes up here, it will automatically help us close the position. The disadvantage of this method is that it is impossible to speculate on the future market fluctuations, and it is likely to lose more profits.

Second, tracking stops leads to exit. We can not only keep track of the profit when the exchange rate rises, but also stop the loss when the exchange rate starts to rise.

Third, they will appear in batches. When we speculate in foreign exchange, when the currency we buy has begun to rise, we have already made some profits. If we want to close the position, we are worried that the exchange rate will continue to rise in the later period. At this time, we can first level off some of them, and then leave some of them to participate in the fluctuation of the foreign exchange market in the later period.

To make money by speculating in foreign exchange, we need to control the risk. For the above three ways, the most recommended way is to track the stop loss. The specific way still needs to be chosen by the Huimin themselves.

In foreign exchange gold trading, investors are very afraid of burst positions, and in order to prevent burst positions, investors set stop loss. Whether it is in the flat market or big data market, it is changeable. If investors do not set a stop loss, there may be a big loss. In addition, investors' positions and trading will be limited, which will affect the opportunities for investors to establish other positions, so it is not cost-effective. Therefore, investors should set stop loss anyway.

1. Be familiar with yourself (stability of mind is the best weapon to analyze the market)

The foreign exchange market is also a high-risk market. Before you enter the market, please fully understand yourself. "Don't be greedy, impatient, and follow blindly" are the three commandments of entering the market. The important thing is to be patient.

2. Use of market funds (idle funds are best)

When the amount of foreign exchange in people's hands gradually increases, based on the traditional concept of saving and financial management, or preparing to have the opportunity to go abroad in the future, or reserving the overseas education fund for their children, most people basically save their foreign exchange in foreign currency. Before entering the market, you should be able to make clear the purpose of your funds.

3. How much can I lose

There are risks in the foreign exchange market. Investors should take full account of their economic and psychological endurance, and decide the investment plan according to their own economic conditions. Before entering the market, first set a loss amount of funds. Once the loss amount arrives, withdraw the whole line decisively. After summarizing and adjusting for a period of time, re-enter the market. Do not take chances.

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