How to buy financial gold? Introduction of three gold investment methods

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After the epidemic swept the world in early 2020, many industries were more or less affected by some negative effects. When the market economy is in the doldrums, only gold is still active, attracting people's attention. Investors rush into the gold market to seek hedging. Gold is a hard currency, which can not only avoid risks and resist inflation, but also bring excess returns to investors. Gold has great investment value since ancient times. So, how do we buy the most appropriate financial gold? Here are three ways to invest in gold.

Physical gold

Physical gold is an active investment product in the gold market. At present, there are three channels to buy physical gold: gold shop, bank and gold exchange. Gold shop is selling processed gold jewelry, mainly for decoration, not suitable for investment. The physical gold that investors buy in the bank is generally Bank gold bars and gold coins. The gold bars can be bought back by the bank. When the gold price rises, they can get profits. The gold trading mode of gold exchange is complex, which is not suitable for beginners.

Account gold

Account gold is also known as paper gold. At present, four state-owned banks have launched paper gold business. The biggest difference between account gold and physical gold is that the transaction of account gold only involves the transaction of a gold ownership certificate, and does not produce the withdrawal of physical gold. Account gold is traded in real time. Investors can make money through the price difference between buying and selling gold. They can choose two-way trading, either long or short. The bank charges the service charge through the difference of gold in the account, but the difference of the bank is relatively large, so the cost of the service charge is higher.

Gold Fund

At present, there are four kinds of funds investing in gold: Gold ETF fund, gold ETF linked fund, gold QDII and gold theme fund. Gold ETF fund is equivalent to the money to the fund company to help you invest in physical gold, investors share the income. Gold ETF feeder fund is equivalent to giving money to fund companies to invest in gold ETF fund. The trend of gold ETF is synchronous with gold price, and the investment threshold is low, which is more suitable for novice investment with less capital and less experience. The price of gold QDII is linked to London gold, which is suitable for small partners who want to invest in the international market, but the management fee is relatively high and the redemption time is long, which is not suitable for short-term speculation. Gold theme funds mainly invest in gold concept stocks, which are also basically hybrid or equity funds with higher risks, but they can also get higher returns when the market is good. Suitable for risk tolerance, want to get high income partners.

In addition to the above three methods, we can also invest in spot gold and futures gold. However, the risks of these two kinds of gold are very high, which are not suitable for beginners. If you just start learning gold investment, you can start with account gold and gold fund. Gold ETF and gold theme fund are good choices.

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