Four ways of personal gold investment in Bank of China

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There are four ways for individual investment in gold in Bank of China

1、 Bank of China account precious metal trading transactions. Individual customers through the bank counter service personnel, telephone banking or online banking and other channels, can not overdraft RMB to precious metals, U.S. dollar to precious metals of personal firm offer precious metals trading business, the business does not occur physical precious metals extraction and delivery, currently includes huangjinbao and baiyinbao.

2、 Two way treasure business of Bank of China. Through the quotation and trading platform provided by the Bank of China, individual customers can deposit the trading fund equal to the nominal amount of the currency in advance to realize the two-way choice of long and short foreign exchange trading tools, including "two-way foreign exchange treasure" and "two-way account precious metal".

3、 Physical precious metal sales. In order to meet the needs of customers for collection, investment and gift, Bank of China provides a wealth of physical precious metal products, including brand physical gold bars, gold nuggets, gold coins, etc.

4、 Bank of China acts as an agent for precious metal business of Shanghai gold exchange. With the effective agency qualification of financial members of Shanghai gold exchange, Bank of China provides individual investors with the channel to participate in the trading of Shanghai gold exchange, conducts the trading of precious metal spot and extended contract according to the entrustment, and conducts fund clearing and gold management on behalf of individual customers.

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