A fable explains the malpractice of blindly following the trend in the gold market!

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Once upon a time, there was an antique collector who specialized in treasure hunting. He died in an accident. When his soul was ready to enter heaven after his death, the doorman of heaven stopped him at the door and told him an unfortunate news: "you are indeed qualified to enter heaven, but unfortunately, the number of places we have allocated to antique collectors in heaven is full, so we can't arrange for you to enter."

After listening and thinking for a while, the antique collector said to the doorman, "then we can't go in and have a word with those antique collectors in heaven?" The doorman thought nothing and agreed to his request.

So, this one came to the gathering place of antique collectors in heaven and yelled: "I found a rare treasure in hell! It's said to be priceless! " As soon as the words came to an end, the antique collectors in heaven rushed to hell like crazy. The doorman was also very surprised and asked him, "now there are so many vacancies in heaven. Are you going to live in it?"

But the antique collector hesitated: "no, I think I'd better go to hell with you."

In fact, this story is a very simple investment mistake: herding. Most of the time, we are easily blinded by other people's "accurate information", "insider" and so on. We blindly follow the trend and become the sheep where others tell us to go. Just like those antique collectors living in heaven in the story, they rush to hell just because of a rumor. Therefore, this story also teaches us that we must objectively and calmly analyze the market in order to make investment, accurately implement the trading plan according to the established plan, and do not lose the direction of doing business by following others' advice.

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