What do you mean by the length of the shadow line? How to look at the market?

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In gold trading, investors need to know how to interpret the trend chart, so that they can better find more accurate market trends by observing the information transmitted by the K-line. In the trend chart, each k line is actually very important. And the location or specific background is different, the interpretation of the K line is not the same, so we need to understand the K line related knowledge in detail, in order to more accurately judge the market trend.

Now, let's talk about the interpretation of the long shadow line.

First of all, there are generally two cases of long shadow line, one is the result of breaking through the box arrangement, the other is the result of continuous height. In both cases, the left shadow line represents the turning signal. Only when the first situation occurs, it means that the market is short-term intervention at this time. If it is the latter situation, it is necessary to suspend trading and wait-and-see over the counter.

Secondly, we need to have a good understanding of the specific application rules of long shadow line.

If you find that the long shadow line appears in the higher position of the upward trend of precious metal prices, you need to see whether the trading volume is large or not. If the trading volume is large, there is a great possibility that the market will reverse at this time. On the contrary, if the long shadow line is in the lower position of the price trend, once the trading volume is enlarged at this time, it means that the strength of the long and short sides is in a state of balance at this time.

Finally, in addition to knowing that the long shadow line generally represents a more obvious turning signal, the long shadow line is the same. When the long shadow line appears, it means that the market trend of bottom turning is likely to appear at this time. If you can grasp the K-line analysis, the difficulty of investment and financial management can be greatly reduced, and it is not impossible to create better investment returns.

The above is about the interpretation of the long shadow line. I hope every investor can accurately grasp the general trend and do single operation.

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