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Gold futures is also called "gold futures contract". Futures contract with gold as trading object. Like general futures contracts, gold futures contracts also contain trading unit, quality grade, term, final maturity date, quotation method, delivery method, minimum range of price change, limit of daily price change, etc. According to different units of measurement, gold futures contracts can generally be divided into two specifications. Take the Chicago Grain Exchange as an example, one is gold futures weighing 1000 grams and 99.5% purity, and the other is gold futures weighing 100 troy ounces and 99.5% purity. Below fortune net small make up introduce in detail for everybody.

1、 Basic knowledge of gold futures

Gold futures is a kind of futures. Just as stock investment needs to open an account in a securities company, gold futures trading needs to open a futures account in a futures company. First of all, gold futures trading adopts a long short two-way trading mechanism. Secondly, gold futures trading is in line with the national standard GB / t4134-2003, the gold content is not less than 99.95% of the gold ingot, in 2008, the Shanghai Stock Exchange stipulated that each hand of gold futures is 1000 grams. Thirdly, different from t + 1 trading in stock investment, gold futures are t + 0 trading, that is, they can be sold on the same day when they are bought. Any investment and financial management is not a package profit. Similar to stocks, gold trading is also risky. So learning basic knowledge is very important.

2、 Market structure

After learning the basic knowledge, let's learn the composition of the gold market. Like other commodities, the gold market is also composed of the most basic supply and demand sides. However, unlike other commodities, the market structure of gold is very complex. There are not only gold suppliers and demand enterprises and individuals, but also central banks, commercial banks and various investment institutions, as well as professional gold dealers and brokers engaged in agency business. The most basic part of the gold market, in which the suppliers are mainly gold mines and gold smelting enterprises, and the demanders are mainly gold products manufacturers and jewelers. Gold reserve is also the institution of monetary policy making and execution, and an important force influencing the gold market. When the central bank needs to increase gold reserves, it is an important demander in the gold market. When the central bank wants to reduce gold reserves, it is also an important supplier in the gold market. The central banks in the major western countries mainly sell gold, while r is engaged in "lending gold", which is more as a supplier.

The above is the introduction to gold futures trading in Xiaobian. The gold futures market is centralized and fair. The price of futures trading is basically the same in the world's major financial and trade centers and regions under the open conditions of a region and a country.

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