What's the difference between gold futures and gold TD

Gold futures/

Gold futures and gold TD seem to sound similar. Do you know the connection and difference between them.

The similarities between gold futures and gold TD are as follows:

1、 Margin trading, small to big;

2、 Can be two-way trading, buy up buy down can also be;

3、 All of them are t + O transactions, which can be bought and sold at any time; (Note: the T of Au (T + D) means trade, not time, and D means delay, not day, so the full name of Au (T + D) should be delayed trading of gold.)

4、 These two kinds of financial derivatives can be delivered in kind;

5、 All have price limit, Au (T + D) is 7%, gold futures is 6%;

6、 They are all domestic financial derivatives.

The differences between gold futures and gold TD are as follows:

1、 Trading channels: Au (T + D) is the gold futures launched by Shanghai Gold Exchange in 2005 and Shanghai gold futures exchange in 2008;

2、 Trading time: Au (T + D) 10 hours a day trading time (more than the night trading time) gold futures 4 hours a day trading time;

3、 At present, gold futures can open an account in a futures company; Au (T + D) can only open an account in a bank or a bank partner.

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