How much money does Shanghai gold exchange need to open a T + D account

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According to the rules of Shanghai gold exchange, individual investors can only participate in trading through the financial member agent of Shanghai gold exchange. At present, there are 25 banks with financial members, including almost all the large and medium-sized commercial banks. You can go to the bank directly to open an account. The account opening fee is 60 yuan (many banks don't charge). Don't check your funds when opening an account. If you don't have money to open one, you can put it there.

Shanghai gold exchange is the only professional exchange in mainland China that deals in precious metals such as gold. Institutional investors can apply to become members, while individual and institutional customers can trade gold through members of the exchange (there are many members who have obtained professional trading qualifications. In order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, we will not introduce them here, but we can query them online).

Shanghai gold exchange is divided into full trading, deferred settlement trading and short-term spot contract trading within three months, mainly involving gold, platinum and silver. There are 11 trading varieties: the so-called full trading requires that the buyer must deposit the full amount of the transaction funds in the designated account of the exchange before the transaction, while the seller must deposit all the physical objects of the transaction in the exchange before the transaction The designated warehouse of the exchange: the so-called deferred settlement transaction refers to the transaction by installment. Investors can trade gold in the Shanghai gold exchange through the agents of financial and comprehensive members. For individual investors, they can trade gold through commercial banks. At present, the commercial banks that open gold trading business in the exchange mainly include Industrial Bank of China, Huaxia Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, etc. The gold varieties that individual investors can participate in are au99.99 and anl00g, weighing 1000g and 100g respectively. They can only pick up the goods with integral multiple weight, and the gold picked up can no longer be traded in the exchange.

The investment process for individual investors to participate in the Shanghai Gold Exchange's spot products is divided into account opening, trading, clearing and delivery.

Account opening: Shanghai Gold Exchange gold accounts are open to individual customers and institutional customers respectively. Individual customers open accounts through Bank members who carry out relevant business. Individual customers need to show their valid certificates to the account opening institutions and fill in a complete registration form of individual account opening. The exchange implements the registration and record system of customer code. When a customer opens an account, it should be numbered by the member units according to the unified coding rules of the exchange, one code for each account, and the special code is for special use. Moreover, a gold account can only be represented by one member. If the agency relationship is to be changed, the customer needs to settle the capital and inventory relationship with the original agent member, and complete the cancellation procedures before handling the new account opening procedures. The original customer code remains unchanged: This is similar to the stock account opening: if the investor already has the bank card of the commercial bank, he can directly use the card as the capital card of the gold transaction: when opening an account In addition to bank card, personal ID card is also required. After opening an account, the commercial bank will judge whether the investor has enough funds for gold trading according to the balance of the customer's capital account.

Gold and silver T + D: you can buy up and down, no matter whether it's up or down, you can make money; you can buy and sell on the same day, or you can hold it for a long time; margin trading, high utilization of funds

If you want to do gold and silver T + D, it's best to go to Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, postal bank, China Construction Bank, Hengfeng bank, Ping'an bank or Minsheng Bank to do online banking. You can open gold and silver T + D by logging in online banking at home, but when you open it, you can input our organization number, and the transaction handling fee can be reduced (at least 4 / 10000, free of charge for Pingjin warehouse). At the same time, you can provide market trading guidance, If you want to do a good job in gold and silver, the most important thing is to judge the direction of the price trend, mentality and low handling charges. The price of gold and silver is most affected by European and American economic indicators and international turbulence events (such as unemployment rate, interest rate, inflation rate, war, etc.), so you should pay attention to the news, and then analyze the price trend in combination with technology.

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