How to open a gold T + D account in Bank of Communications

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Bank of communications can also open a gold TD trading account. Let's take a look at the process of Bank of communications. Let's introduce it.

Bank of communications gold T + D is a product promoted by Shanghai gold exchange. At present, seven major banks can open accounts and operate on the platform (industry and commerce, Minsheng, Hengfeng, Everbright, shenfa, CMB and Industrial Bank). According to the feedback from customers, the platform of Bank of communications not only has fast transaction network speed, but also is the one with low transaction handling charge among all banks.

Bank of communications gold T + D account opening steps

To open an account, you need to bring your ID card

Place of account opening: business outlets of Shenzhen Development Bank

Step 1: log in to SDB online banking:

Step 2: sign an online banking agreement and log in to online banking

Step 3: open the "financial management" page and click the "risk assessment" button marked by the red arrow in the figure below to conduct risk assessment.

Step 4: agree to the signing agreement of precious metals

Step 5: input contract information: select "partner customer", input after "partner code", and then click "submit". --The contract has been signed.

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