Process steps of ICBC gold TD account opening

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People who want to invest through gold TD must ask, where to open gold TD trading, Xiaobian tells you that ICBC can. Now let's go to see how ICBC processes gold T + D?

When opening ICBC gold t \ + D, there are two main ways to open an account: one is to go to the bank outlets directly with the ID card, and the other is to open online banking directly on the Internet.

ICBC branch counter handling

Customers with personal ID card to apply for bank card and open online banking can, already have ICBC card, as long as open online banking can.

Online banking of ICBC

First log in to ICBC personal online banking. Then enter the "online precious metals" column and select the real precious metals. On the right side, click Register physical gold account to open an account.

The next step is to check the business agreement of individual physical gold trading of ICBC and accept the agreement. Fill in your relevant information and click OK. Confirm your registration information again, and the account will be opened successfully.

1. Enter online banking, open ICBC website, ordinary users click the login button of personal online banking as shown in the figure below, VIP card users will click personal online banking VIP login, the following registration process is for ordinary bank card registered users;

2. According to the requirements, if you log in to the computer of ICBC for the first time, you will be prompted to install the personal online banking control of ICBC, and then you can install and confirm it according to the prompts. Then enter the card number, password and verification code to log in;

3. After entering, the gold business is opened;

4. Accept the online gold investment agreement of ICBC;

5. Apply for an account;

6. Sign the agreement. On T + 1, log in online banking again, select online precious metal, click physical precious metal deferred, and click gold deferred agreement to sign;

7. Carry out risk assessment according to the system prompts. After answering the questions, click OK.

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