What's the difference between Shanghai Gold TD and futures

Gold futures/

Basically, there is no big difference, that is, the handling charge of gold futures should be lower. Then, gold futures have delivery period, so it is not suitable for medium and long-term financial products. In the case of gold TD, the handling charge is indeed a little expensive.

The handling charge is about five times that of spot gold. And the trading time is not continuous, it is easy to miss the entrance and exit opportunities. Based on my experience in analyzing precious metals, TD can be considered for super long lines. However, in terms of short and medium-term, it is better to be spot.

The same: first, margin trading, small to big;

2、 Can be two-way trading, buy up buy down can also be;

3、 All of them are t + O transactions, which can be bought and sold at any time; (Note: the T of Au (T + D) means trade, not time, and D means delay, not day, so the full name of Au (T + D) should be delayed trading of gold.)

4、 These two kinds of financial derivatives can be delivered in kind;

5、 All have price limit, Au (T + D) is 7%, gold futures is 6%;

6、 They are all domestic financial derivatives.


1、 Trading channels: Au (T + D) is the gold futures launched by Shanghai Gold Exchange in 2005 and Shanghai gold futures exchange in 2008;

2、 Trading time: Au (T + D) 10 hours a day trading time (more than the night trading time) gold futures 4 hours a day trading time;

3、 At present, gold futures can open an account in a futures company; Au (T + D) can only open an account in a bank or a bank partner.

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