Timely grasp of the market, the market will not be deceived and wrong single!

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A businessman in the city to do food business, at the end of each year to earn enough money, he will bring some rations back to the countryside to visit relatives. But one year, the donkey cart he used to transport food broke down on his way back to his hometown, so he had to find a nearby farmer to buy a donkey and continue on his way.

Just as a farmer passed by, he told the businessman that he could sell a donkey for $100 and bring it to him the next day. So the merchant also readily paid. But the next day the merchant got a dead donkey, which the merchant would not like, but the farmer refused to accept the refund because he didn't say it was a live donkey.

Two weeks later, when the merchant returned to the city along the same road, he met the farmer again. The farmer wanted to laugh at him and asked, "what did you do with that dead donkey?"

Unexpectedly, the businessman replied, "I made $399 on it." Looking at the farmer's puzzled face, the businessman continued: "in fact, after that, I held a lottery nearby. Each person only had to pay $1 to get the lottery ticket. The lucky one who got the prize could get the donkey. I sold more than 500 tickets that day."

"Impossible. Won't the lottery draw be dissatisfied?"

The businessman continued: "in fact, only the person who won the lottery was not satisfied, so I gave him back the $1 of the lottery. Besides the cost of $100, I made $399."

This story is not only interesting, but also contains a very important profit making skill in our investment: timely control of the market. In fact, the businessmen and lucky draw people in the story suffer from poor information. They don't know in advance that what they get will be a dead donkey, so they will make wrong trading decisions. This is the same reason that we in the investment market blindly make orders without timely mastering the correct market trend, and eventually lead to serious losses.

Therefore, investors in spot gold and other trading investment, first of all to ensure that their first-hand market information is updated in a timely manner, so that they will not make the wrong trading behavior due to the delay of quotation and other important information.

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