Is silver expected to accelerate its rise? What indicators should we look at when we analyze the K-line chart of silver?

Analysis of K-line Technology/

After the spot gold stepped back, it stabilized again. At present, it continues to be high volatility. Although the overall volatility is not large for the time being, the situation for bulls is still relatively optimistic for the time being. And silver also shows more potential than gold, there is a large space to make up, and it is also close to the front line of 20, so it also attracts many people to invest in spot silver. But what indicators do we need to see when we analyze the K-line chart of silver

1. Moving average Ma

Ma is the abbreviation of moving average, which can help traders confirm the existing trend, judge the trend that will appear, and find the trend that is about to reverse. In the analysis of the market, it can use more analysis skills, such as multi short arrangement, Granville eight rules, price pressure and so on.


MACD is the abbreviation of smooth moving average. It is an index to study and judge the buying and selling opportunities by using the aggregation and separation between short-term average and long-term average. Of course, it is also very commonly used in judging the market trend of spot silver.

These two technical indicators play a very important role in guiding us to judge the market turning point, buying and selling time in spot silver trading. Investors must pay attention to them when analyzing the silver market, so as to find out the correct market trading direction and entry and exit points, and improve their accuracy of order making!

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