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I believe most investors will be very interested in the relevant knowledge about how much the cash gold account opening fee needs. In view of the problem of how much the cash gold account opening fee needs, I will explain more relevant knowledge to you in detail.

Most of the regular platform spot gold account fee is about $100. I suggest that due to the unlimited rise and fall of gold, to a certain extent, the risk is relatively large, we can properly prepare sufficient trading capital to effectively fight against the risk, and lay the foundation for long-term trading and greater profits.

To open an account, the most important thing is to select a company or platform, that is, to recognize an electronic trading service provider. Electronic trading service providers are different from the general banking staff. Electronic trading service providers are all banking staff units, but banking staff units are not necessarily electronic trading service providers. To open an account online, apply for opening an account online, input personal information in turn according to the four steps of tips, and finally save the information Save, sign the customer agreement by hand, prepare the front photo of personal ID card, and finally send it to the broker or the customer service staff of the headquarters. It's very easy to open an account, and it doesn't take much time. Generally, it will be opened in half a day at the latest in a few hours. After it is opened, it will be sent to the personal mailbox to log in and check. If you can log in, it will be opened, and you can consider the operation of deposit.

With the rising price of gold, gold is more and more favored by investors. This paper mainly introduces how to open an account for gold investment, that is, how to open an account for gold.

The first step of gold account opening: apply for account opening and submit account opening information:

1. Where does gold open an account? Log on the official website to apply for opening a real account, download the identity certificate you need to open an account and fill in the information.

2. You need to provide the front and back scanning copies of your ID card to email the e-mail of the trading securities company, or submit them through customer service and relevant staff.

The second step of gold investment account opening: check the e-mail and get the transaction account number: complete the account opening form and submit the certificate in the first step, and the background will review the relevant information. After the approval, the e-mail will inform you that the account opening application has been approved, and inform you of the account number and the operation method of injecting funds into the account number.

The third step of gold account opening: inject funds for the new account opening, activate the account: the funds are generally remitted after receiving the transaction account number. Generally, traders will stipulate the minimum deposit limit and inject funds through telegraphic transfer.

The funds of telegraphic transfer can be entered into the account within two working days. Once the funds arrive in the account, the traders will send the second notification letter by e-mail to inform the login name and password needed to log in to the real trading platform.

After completing the above three steps, you can freely invest in gold on the trading platform provided by dealers, so that the real financial investment can be in line with international standards.

[disclaimer] the publication of this article by finance managers for the purpose of transmitting more information does not mean that they agree with their views or confirm their descriptions. The content of this article is for reference only, and does not constitute an investment proposal. Investors operate on this basis at their own risk

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