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Is it free to open an account with spot gold? Does it need money to open an account with spot gold? It is free to open an account with spot gold. It mainly charges transaction commission, spread charge, handling charge and deposit.

There is no strict limit on the amount of account opening fee in the exchange, so each dealer can set the minimum deposit threshold privately. According to the spot gold contract, one hand can be bought with a deposit of 1000 US dollars, and the minimum deposit required for 0.1 hand is 100 US dollars.

Spot gold's handling charge is spot charge plus commission, 0.5 spot charge and $50 Commission, that is, 1 spot charge. That is to say, when the gold price fluctuates at one point, the investor's profit or loss is $100, plus the spread and commission is $100. That is to say, when the investor buys more than one order with $1000 and the gold price rises to $1010, then the investor earns 10 points, that is $1000. After deducting the handling fee of $100 for one point, the investor's net profit is $900 Yuan.

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