What's the difference between New York gold and London gold?

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What's the difference between New York gold and London gold? The so-called New York gold is an investment variety of the New York Mercantile futures exchange. It belongs to American gold trading and is futures gold. Although the New York Mercantile futures exchange's gold trading rose late, it developed rapidly and has become the world's largest gold futures trading center, which has a great impact on the spot gold price trend.

London gold, also known as international spot gold, has another name called "European gold trading", which is a very popular investment product in the world. London gold can be traded at any time all day, and it is a T + 0 transaction, which can be bought and sold immediately. In addition, it is a two-way trading product. As long as it is in the right direction, it can be profitable.

The differences between New York gold and London gold are as follows:

1. London gold is spot gold with spread, open-ended contract and overnight interest;

2. New York gold is Comex gold, no spread, term contract, no overnight interest;

3. The minimum price fluctuation of London gold is 0.01 USD / oz, while that of New York gold is 0.1 USD / oz;

4. London gold has no delivery deadline, while New York gold has a delivery deadline from the first working day to the last working day of the delivery month.

The price trend of the two is the same, but the trading of London gold is more flexible and the investment threshold is lower. Therefore, generally speaking, London gold is better than New York gold.

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