What should we pay attention to when buying and selling gold?

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As a gold investor, we should know how to make use of the price fluctuation of the market to gain profits. What should we pay attention to when buying and selling gold?

1、 Buy in

You have to judge when to buy and how much to buy. If the market does not want to develop as you imagine, how should you handle your position? If the market develops as you imagine, how should you handle it.

1. Buy in a simple upward trend;

2. In the complex upward trend of the callback, when there is a downward fractal buy;

3. Buy when you break through the previous high;

4. Buy at the bottom of the horizontal trend pause;

These four principles are the basic principles of buying transactions. When there is no one of these four situations in the market, try not to consider buying.

2、 Sell

Most of the time, there are some "feelings" about market changes, which should be based on your trading system.

When the market develops according to your system, you don't need to do anything. Just watch it patiently. You must understand that in terms of trading behavior, it's a matter of an instant. There are more than 200 trading days in a year. When it's really trading, it may only be a few hours. The rest is a long and lonely wait.

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