What are the principles of fried gold

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There are risks in investment, which is clear to investors. In the face of investment risks, how can we maximize the protection? We can effectively avoid the risks of gold speculation by using some principles and techniques of gold speculation. What are the principles of gold speculation?

1. Follow the trend

Gold market is a global market. Even speculative funds with huge capital can't determine the market price, not to mention individual investors. So the most sensible way is to follow the market trend and follow the trend. It's the same as the market for Bo, so we can't help ourselves. As a result of human nature, most investors are unwilling to believe that the price will rise or fall to a certain level, so they dare not chase up or fall. When there is a slight sign of correction, they can't wait to enter the market to earn small profits. If there is a loss, they will not stop loss. What's more, they will continue to be mired in order to spread the average price.

2. The market is always right

What are the golden principles? The biggest mistake that investors make is often not willing to admit defeat in front of the market, not willing to bow, stubborn already see. Many people always pretend to be confused: "hell, there's no reason for this trend from any angle, it will rebound soon", so they refuse to stop. The smarter people are, the more likely they are to be self righteous. But please remember that the market price already contains all the information of the market. The market will never be wrong. The fault lies in yourself. Don't be conceited, don't have vanity, according to the market to give you information to decide the action plan, once there is a mistake, immediately admit it, this is the way of the market.

3. "Pendulum principle"

The so-called pendulum principle, simply speaking, means that the price of any kind of asset can not rise or fall indefinitely, just like the pendulum, it will eventually return to equilibrium. The greater the deviation, the greater the range of reverse adjustment, and vice versa. But it should be pointed out that investors often use this principle rigidly, and in the obvious unilateral trend, they hope to seize the turning point of the turn and continue to operate against the market, resulting in huge losses. Gold price itself will not tell investors when to turn the trend, only rely on the grasp of fundamentals, combined with the trend of technical analysis

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