How to pursue the order of fried gold

Fried gold/

Order recovery is done when the precious metal price fluctuates violently. Then the basic principle is to make order recovery when the precious metal price begins to fluctuate violently. But how do we know when the price of gold starts to fluctuate sharply?

There are two main situations

1. When I broke the position

Breaking position means that all K-line combinations are broken. Including penetration, pressure position, support position, arc combination, channel and so on. For example, there is a great pressure on the gold price at 1625, and the gold price has been consolidation around 1625 for a long time. When the price exceeds 1625, we can recover the order.

2. About the opening time of European and American markets

Because the gold price usually fluctuates greatly before and after the opening of the European and American markets, we can pay attention to the change of the gold price before and after the opening of the European and American markets, and find the right price to pursue the order.

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