What mistakes should be avoided in gold investment

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Gold investment is a way of investment and financial management that people pay close attention to. Many novices are eager to speculate in gold, but how to speculate in gold? What are the misunderstandings of gold investment?

Gold investment mistake 1: lack of knowledge

When I heard that the market had a big profit opportunity, I rashly entered the market. I didn't learn the relevant knowledge, didn't realize the risks, and even didn't know the trading rules and the use of software. "If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools." if you don't understand the resources in your hands, it's hard to think about it.

After learning the relevant knowledge, especially the technical analysis, I learned a mixture of good and bad things. I knew a lot about all kinds of indicators and graphics, but I was not proficient. I learned four different things, and I was confused when I was single. Always ask others, in order to verify their ideas are correct, hope to get confidence and comfort from other people's opinions. When there is a loss, trying to find out the signs of their own advantage, the market lost the objective analysis. We should know that the gold market exists objectively, and it is not decided by those critics and so-called experts.

The second mistake of gold investment: hesitation

Before buying and selling gold, investors with this kind of investment psychology originally worked out plans and considered investment strategies. However, when they enter the market under the influence of other people's "herd psychology", they can't implement their own investment plans as soon as the wind blows.

The third mistake of gold investment is: the desire is endless, the advantage is necessary, and every step is not allowed.

Such greedy speculators are not uncommon in the investment market. They don't want to control, and they can't control their greed. Therefore, we can learn from the following maxim: short and long can make money, but greed can't. So don't be greedy. Don't always envy the luck of others. You should believe in analysis and your own judgment of the economic situation and general trend. What mistakes should be avoided in gold investment? Greed is one of them.

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